Ashley Margeson


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Dr. Ashley Margeson, ND is a highly motivated Naturopathic Doctor who has been best described as a “health advocate” and “community builder”. She believes that good health is the cornerstone to every community, business, person and family.

Dr. Ashley uses current methodology in combination with traditional practices to formulate individually-tailored treatment plans for each of her patients. With her passion rooted in the nervous system, Ashley has a special interest in treating mental and brain health, digestive disorders, chronic disease and in pain management. When assessing and treating injuries, Dr. Ashley uses biomechanical assessments, functional testing and focused intakes to betterunderstand her patients’ needs. Based on those assessments, a combination of injection therapies (prolotherapy, neuroprolo or platelet-rich plasma), acupuncture, manipulations, nutrition and/or intravenous therapy are used to treat both athletic and non-athletic injuries. This whole-body approach helps ensure that her patients not only get better quickly, but stay better long term.

Dr. Ashley is a 2012 graduate of Acadia University with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics, and went on to obtain her Doctor of Naturopathy from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. She was named one of Acadia’s most Notable Alumni in 2014, one of Atlantic Canada’s Top 50, Under 40 Leaders by 21Inc in 2015 and received the Humanitarian Award upon graduation in 2016. Dr. Ashley has traveled across North America learning fromleaders in the medical fields and believes in combining the benefits of a balanced lifestyle with her prescriptions and recommendations.