Megan Wakeham


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Dr. Meg Wakeham, ND is a recent graduate from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto. Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Meg discovered her passion for the complexity of the human body and her love for natural healing while attending MSVU to complete her Bachelor’s of Science in biology and nutrition. She continued to pursue this passion by attending CCNM to earn her Doctor of Naturopathy degree, including additional training in pediatrics through a year-long specialty shift in her clinical year.

Dr. Meg’s approach to healing emphasizes nourishing all aspects of wellbeing through individualized treatment plans that are collaborative, empowering, and compassionate. She provides care to people of all ages with a wide variety of concerns but has a special interest in hormonal concerns, women’s health, prenatal/pregnancy care, and pediatrics.

Dr. Meg is also training to become an osteopathic manual practitioner (DOMP) through the Canadian College of Osteopathy and plans to incorporate her training into her approach to healing to ensure a truly holistic treatment plan for each patient. Outside of work, Meg enjoys spending time with her partner, appreciates nature through gardening and hiking, and loves cuddling up with a good book and her playful Portuguese water dog, Juniper.