NatMedWeek 2024 Events Schedule

May 7, 2024

Get ready for our line up of FREE, fun and informative events for #NatMedWeed 2024! !

The Nova Scotia Association of Naturopathic Doctors (NSAND) is excited to announce Naturopathic Medicine Week from May 15 to May 21. This vibrant week-long celebration, initiated by the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND) in 2000, is dedicated to illuminating the significant benefits of naturopathic medicine and the crucial role of naturopathic doctors (NDs) in advancing the health and wellness of Canadians from all walks of life.

Teaming up with around 3,000 members - including seasoned NDs and students - CAND is passionately committed to broadening public understanding of the profession and showcasing the myriad benefits of naturopathic medicine. This approach skillfully combines age-old healing traditions with cutting-edge scientific research to deliver a complementary, holistic healthcare solution.

Naturopathic medicine uniquely merges the wisdom of nature with the rigours of modern science to rejuvenate health. NDs work closely with patients to dig deep into the root causes of ailments and address the myriad health challenges they face. By focusing on both acute and chronic conditions, naturopathic treatments not only alleviate symptoms but can also lessen dependence on prescription medications. This positions naturopathic medicine as a highly valuable complement to traditional medical treatments. The scope of practice is broad, encompassing botanical medicine, clinical nutrition, homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture, lifestyle counseling, disease prevention, and proactive health promotion

#NatMedWeek2024 Events Line-up:

Myths about Meditation & a Short Guided Mindfulness Meditation

Live on Facebook
Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri May 13 - 17, 8 - 8:30am

Join Dr. Cheryl Karthaus every morning this week at 8 am ADT as she debunks common myths about meditation and guides you through a morning mindful practice.

Mindful meditation is a practice where individuals focus on being intensely aware of what they're sensing and feeling in the moment, without interpretation or judgment.

This practice involves breathing methods, guided imagery, and other practices to relax the body and mind and help reduce stress. By regularly practicing mindful meditation, participants can gain a deeper awareness of their thoughts, emotions, and body sensations, which can enhance overall well-being and mental clarity.

This meditation technique is suitable for everyone looking to find a peaceful moment in their busy lives.

Pine Needle Pop Workshop!

Monday, May 13, 7pm Zoom, register using Eventbrite

Can we really make delicious, nourishing drinks from foraging? We absolutely can! Join Dr. Cheryl Karthaus for a workshop on how to make your own nature-inspired pop.

Come with whichever needles that in your area. Any edible conifer needles will work: pine, fir, or spruce are all okay to consume and are popular choices.

Here are the ingredients: 

flip top bottle (Ideally at least 16 oz)
small funnel
pine needles  1 cup
Filtered water 2 cups
sugar (or sweetener) sugar is ideal 2 tbsp
Optional flavour additions lemon, lime, orange, raspberry

Progesterone: Your Warm and Cozy Life Blanket

Tuesday, May 14 noon

We will launch a pre-recorded video prepared by Dr. Amy Florian, ND.

In naturopathic medicine, progesterone is often regarded as a key hormone for balancing and supporting overall hormonal health. It plays a crucial role in regulating the menstrual cycle, supporting pregnancy, and influencing mood and bone health.

Naturopaths may recommend natural sources of progesterone or bioidentical progesterone therapies to help address symptoms like menstrual irregularities, menopausal symptoms, and stress-related issues. This approach aims to restore hormonal balance using natural, holistic methods that align with the body's inherent processes.

Natural Medicine Talks - In-person

Tuesday, May 14, 6:30-8:30pm

Register on Eventbrite

Halifax Central Library, BMO Community Room
5440 Spring Garden Road
Halifax, NS B3J 1E9

Reserve your seat for this in-person event.

Parking info

Welcome to Natural Medicine Talks for Naturopathic Medicine Week 2024! Join us at the Halifax Central Library for an evening filled with insightful discussions lead by several local NDs. Topics that will be covered include: the foundations of health, the role of health care professionals, autoimmune disease, chronic pain and digestive health…and more!

Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or simply curious about natural medicine, this event is perfect for anyone interested in naturopathic medicine.

Share in refreshments and have your questions about naturopathic medicine answered. This is a wonderful opportunity to find out what naturopathic medicine is all about, or to learn more about a topic you already may have discovered!

Why the Secrets of Health Lie in the Powerful Mind-body Connection

Wednesday 7pm on Zoom, Register on Eventbrite

Can we resolve disease in the body? How does our stress and trauma become part of the disease process? What can we do to promote good mind-body health in a therapeutic way right at home? Join Dr. Teri Jaklin & Dr. Cheryl Karthaus to explore the secrets and power of mind-body connection in this interactive event! Learn easy to implement tools and resources for next steps in your health journey.

Postpartum Care: Beyond the 6-week Appointment

Thursday, May 16, noon, video launch on Facebook and Instagram

As a mom to a 15 month old, it wasn’t so long ago that Dr. Brittany Sampson, ND herself was preparing for her postpartum journey. Join her to learn more about her experience and why she believes new mothers should have more care than just a 6-week discharge appointment.

Postpartum “Ask Me Anything”

Thursday, May 16, 7pm Live on Zoom, Register on Eventbrite

Join Dr. Brittany Sampson, ND to ask all your questions about postpartum in a safe and non-judgemental space.

Heal your Acute Injuries Quickly with Naturopathic Medicine

Saturday, May 18, noon video launch on Facebook and Instagram

Join Dr. Suzanne Coady, ND as she provides an overview on how naturopathic medicine can help in the healing process for acute injuries, particularly of interest to sports enthusiasts, weekend warriors, and gardeners!

Naturopathic medicine offers a holistic approach to injury healing by combining natural therapies with conventional treatments to promote the body's self-healing process.

Techniques such as herbal remedies, nutritional supplementation, acupuncture, and physical therapies are used to reduce inflammation, enhance blood flow, and alleviate pain.

This approach not only focuses on the immediate symptoms but also addresses underlying imbalances and strengthens the body’s overall resilience, aiming for a comprehensive and sustained recovery.